The 7 Hottest Home and Garden Products of 2023

The 7 Hottest Home and Garden Products of 2023

People want to make their home more comfortable and more energetic to relieve stress and appreciate life. During the winter, when everyone is staying at home, the demand for garden and household items has also increased dramatically. Demand for garden supplies is expected to grow steadily over the next seven years. Don’t miss the opportunity, today, eShopse will recommend the 7 most potential home and garden products for 2023.

1. Groot Flower Pot

With the popularity of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, this product is a hot seller on AliExpress and is deeply loved by consumers. You can market this product to these Marvel fans or people who love gardening and it will definitely bring you a good profit.

2. Colorful Mini Flower Pots

Colorful mini planters will liven up any environment in your home. Not only adults, but kids also love these cute colorful flower pots.

3. Solar Powered Motion Light

There is no doubt that solar lights are an excellent solution for lighting up your garden while also saving energy in your home. With the green benefits it brings, this product will be one of the most desirable home and garden products in 2022, which is worthy of reference by sellers.

4. Hanging Plant Pots

Selling hanging planters is another great idea for home decor. These look classy and vibrant when you hang them around the house and in the garden, and are reasonably priced to combine with cross-selling. You can sell these products on Instagram or Pinterest and hopefully sell them.

5. Potato Grow Bags

The next potential product we recommend are potato grow bags. This is a must for growing vegetables like potatoes, carrots and peanuts. What’s so special about these bags is that you can open the sides for easy harvesting instead of digging the traditional way.

6. Self-Watering Bulb Device

Another interesting product attracting consumers is the self-pouring light bulb. The device is great for consumers on the go and makes it easier to care for your plants at home. You can also create a video showing customers how to use it to add a professional touch to your store.

7. Gardening Tool Kits

Next, cross-border e-commerce sellers must not miss this product-gardening tool kit. All tools are neatly placed in the tool bag, which is very convenient.