Health care in winter

Winter Health Tips to Keep You Healthy and Happy

Keep the air flowing first

Many people are used to closing the windows tightly in winter, thinking that this will prevent the wind from blowing into the human body. In fact, doing so will cause the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air to be too high. Furthermore, carbon monoxide poisoning incidents occur frequently in winter, so from a health point of view, whether in the bedroom or in the environment of other people’s strengths, we must maintain air circulation to ensure that the human body can breathe fresh air.

  Second, pay attention to the adjustment of eating habits

In winter, some high-calorie foods can be appropriately added, but does it mean that you must eat extra food and supplement it? In fact, this is not the case. The diet in winter should be consistent with the calories required for daily activities, and it should not be blind Too much tonic. Pay attention to the balanced intake of various nutrients. For example, protein, carbohydrates, fat, various minerals, various trace elements and so on. These needs are based on the needs of the human body.

In principle, if you want tonic in winter, it is best to focus on clearing tonic. If both qi and blood are deficient, you can eat more red foods that can improve qi and blood and improve the body’s ability to resist cold. For example, mutton, pork, beef, red dates, medlar and so on. At the same time, if you consume too much of these warming and tonic foods, that is, if you feel a little angry, you can appropriately increase the relatively clear and cold foods such as lily, white radish, and cabbage.

Winter diet should also avoid too much hot pot and high-fat food. Especially for those who are unhealthy, they should not eat hot pot regularly. First, the heat of hot pot is too high. If they are eaten too fast, it is easy to hurt the esophagus, and even cause cancer. In addition, a lot of meat is eaten before it is fully cooked in the hot pot. If you eat such food, it will also have a great impact on the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended that eating hot pot in winter must be moderate, and at the same time pay attention to food safety.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that tonic in winter should be based on regulating the kidneys, and Keji belongs to the kidneys, so if you want tonic, you must also nourish yin and kidney as the principle.

  Furthermore, in winter, we should also pay attention to protect the sun

It is best to go to bed early and wake up late in daily life. If you go to bed too late in winter, the yang qi will easily dissipate. Going to bed early can avoid the interference of the latent yang qi in the human body. At the same time, you should also pay attention to keeping warm, especially the back. Chinese medicine believes that the back is the yang of yang, and if the back catches cold, it will bring many unexpected consequences to the body.