Strongly recommend 8 good and inexpensive electronic products for home decoration! Suggest favorite

Strongly Recommend 8 Good and Inexpensive Electronic Products for Home Decoration!

First: Fingerprint Lock

Luke fingerprint lockfingerprint lock

Recommended reason: convenient! Safety!

You don’t need to bring the key to go out, and you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of not being able to open the door without the key. I chose Luke, a professional manufacturer of fingerprint locks. Many models of Xiaomi’s fingerprint locks are manufactured by him. of. The appearance is simple and stylish, and the metal feeling is relatively strong. The door opening methods include fingerprint unlocking (many individuals can be entered), mechanical key unlocking, mobile APP unlocking, and Bluetooth unlocking. Built-in 8 3.7V batteries, normal use for about one and a half years. If the battery is dead, you don’t have to worry about not being able to go home. You can connect an external charging treasure to open the door temporarily. The inside can be locked, and what’s interesting is that the door needs to be opened by pressing the mechanical button of the handle to open the door. This design is to prevent thieves from opening the door by pulling the inner handle from the peephole.

Second: Electronic Cat’s Eye

Xiaomi Visual Cat Eyeelectronic cat's eye

Recommended reason: remote price bargaining, security protection

I bought Xiaomi’s visual peephole, which uses a 5-inch screen. A camera outside the door is integrated with the doorbell function. When someone presses the doorbell, the screen inside the door will immediately display the image outside the door. The electronic peephole can automatically record every day If the picture stays at your door for more than 3 seconds, the doorbell not only supports real-time picture, but also supports real-time intercom, and can change the voice, which is convenient for the elderly and children living alone at home to check strangers outside the door and use special voice to communicate Dialogue has a certain deterrent effect.

Third: Sweeper

Ecovacs sweepersweeper

Recommended reason: Gospel for lazy people, a good helper for hygiene

I chose Cobos, a brand that specializes in sweeping robots. The price is moderate. It integrates sweeping and mopping. It can be controlled by mobile phone APP or remote control to clean the house regularly and at fixed points every day. It comes with a built-in radar to avoid obstacles, and when it runs out of battery, it runs back to recharge by itself. This is really a good news for lazy people. Think about it, you only need to operate the mobile APP every day when you go home, and it will automatically clean the dust on the ground at home. , Mop clean. How pleasant that is! It can also reach some sanitary corners, such as the bottom of the sofa (higher than 8 cm) and under the bed. Every time I go to empty the dust box, I realize that there is so much dust under my bed.

Forth: Home Camera

Home Camera

Home Camera

Recommended reason: security, remote guarding

I was originally engaged in the electronics industry, and I especially recommend home cameras. It is suitable for installation in families with elderly people, children, and pets. It can be installed in the living room. When you go out to work, you can watch in real time or talk to the elderly at home. Homework is still watching TV, whether the pet is at home or not, etc. There is another advantage for forgetful people. When you go out and what you take out, you can see the camera playback at a glance. In my family, I prefer to use a camera to monitor whether the child is naughty. Whether watching TV for too long and forgetting to do homework, etc. The most important thing is to prevent theft. When you are not at home, you can set the anti-theft alarm and push the emergency screen to the mobile phone. Don’t have to worry about the camera being destroyed, because it can be directly stored in the cloud, thus improving security!

Fifth: Smart Speaker

Tmall Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker

Recommended reason: smart, convenient

I bought the Tmall Genie speaker. The sound quality in the range of a few hundred yuan is still very good. The key point is that it is very powerful. You can call Tmall Genie at any time when you connect to your home wifi: play songs, story meetings, operas, news etc., you can bind your own Taobao account, and you can shop and recharge your phone bill with your voice. You can also set the alarm clock, the daily morning news broadcast, and more. Those with children at home can use it to listen to bedtime stories and set daily alarm clocks. The elderly can listen to their favorite operas and news through voice. It can also be placed in the kitchen to listen to music, listen to recipes, etc. I think the best feature is that you can control the electronic equipment of the whole house through the Tmall ecological chain: linked air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, TVs, etc.

Sixth: Mite Removal Instrument

UV mite remover

mite removal instrument

Recommended reason: a good helper for hygiene

Some people say that the UV mite removal instrument is an IQ tax. The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom. Anyway, I think only those who have used it have the right to speak. Maybe you have never used it. You don’t know how much dust there is on the sofa and bed sheets. It’s the first time I use it anyway. I was shocked, seeing that the dust box is full of dust, no wonder there will be small bumps on my body when the seasons change! And after a period of time to clean up, there is still a lot of fine dust, which is incomparable with a vacuum cleaner! Because you can’t feel the dust with your naked eyes before vacuuming the sheets. I don’t know about the removal of mites, but the dust must have been removed a lot!

Seventh: Projector

Tmall magic screen


Recommended reason: moderate price, good clarity

What I bought is the Tmall Magic Screen produced by Tmall, which supports a 100-inch curtain and a 1080p picture. With the curtains closed, it feels good for the whole family to watch a big-screen movie at home, and the sound quality is very good. Portable, it can be placed in a child’s room, as long as there are white walls, the child will not compete with the adults to watch the TV in the living room. The current projectors can already achieve 4K images, with better sound quality and clearer images. It depends on individual needs.

Eighth: Taijie TV box

Taijie TV Box

Taijie TV box

Reasons for recommendation: No ads on startup, smooth and clear playback

I believe that many bloggers have recommended this TV box. The biggest advantage of this TV box is that there is no advertisement when it starts up! This satisfies the wish of many people to buy an Internet TV box. Watching high-definition live TV through third-party software can be set to start the live broadcast without the monthly limited TV fee. Taijie TV has done a good job in memory optimization, and the playback fluency is much higher than that of ordinary TV boxes. I recommend this brand of TV box.