Winter season Tips

How to do a good job of health care in winter?

Winter Health Knowledge

Winter health preservation is very important, but it must not be carried out blindly, but should start from the aspects of clothing, exercise and maintenance, so as to make the body stronger. The details are as follows:

  First: Dressing

The weather is cold in winter, and many people put on thick clothes to keep warm at this time. But do you know that at this time, the head, hands and feet need to be kept warm, and they must not be ignored. Experts tell us that there is a very important role between the warmth of the head and the thermal balance of the body. Therefore, for your health, you need to pay special attention to some exposed parts in winter, such as wearing hats and gloves.

  Second: Exercise

Many people stop exercising because of the cold weather, which is actually unscientific. When the temperature is low in winter, it is best for the elderly and children to reduce the number of times they go outdoors, but they should not stop exercising. Instead, they should do some simple exercises indoors, such as jogging, etc., so that not only will not increase the pressure on the heart and lungs, but at the same time You can also exercise. In addition, the time for exercising is also particular. It is best to exercise between three and four in the afternoon.

  Third: Maintenance

Maintenance in winter is a very important job. The colder the weather, the more you need to protect your hands and feet and develop a good habit of rubbing your hands. Rubbing hands can not only promote blood circulation in the hands, reduce the possibility of frostbite, but also prevent colds, and it also has a good health care effect on our brains. Therefore, rubbing hands in winter has great benefits for the body.

In addition to the habit of rubbing hands, it is best to soak your feet every day in winter. This will not only reduce the cold, but also have the effect of eliminating fatigue and promoting sleep. It is a very healthy and scientific way of life.

  Specific Winter regimen

Studies have found that winter is a season with a high incidence of various gastrointestinal diseases. This is mainly due to the cold weather, which can easily stimulate the body to cause excessive gastric acid secretion, which is prone to gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, old Chinese medicine also tells us that winter is the best time to nourish the stomach. As long as you master the following lifestyles, your body will naturally become healthier.

  First: Eat less raw and cold food

If you eat raw or cold food in winter, it is easy to cause various gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, for your health, you must pay special attention to keeping your body and stomach warm in winter, and eat less cold food, especially those who are physically weak and in poor health. In addition, if you want to achieve the effect of warming the stomach, you can add some pepper or ginger to your daily diet in an appropriate amount, which can warm the stomach and protect the spleen and stomach.